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Re: Turks in Tropical Uniforms

Two other interesting sets to explore in the future would be Ottomans in winter uniforms for campaigns against the Russians in the Caucasus

That would be great indeed, especially considering the converion potential.

Re: Turks in Tropical Uniforms

Уважаемый Samogon,

мы продолжим этим набором:

С уважением,


Re: Turks in Tropical Uniforms

Lovely figures with a lot of potential again.

Thanks for this first look at another very worthwhile set which will prove useful far beyond WWI.

Re: Turks in Tropical Uniforms

Very nice set. So many uses. Dare I say these men will join in on the derailment and attack of a Turkish train in a famous movie? Can't wait to see the rest of the poses!

Re: Turks in Tropical Uniforms

Those are seriously good looking figures.

The Turks in tropical uniform are excellent too.

Re: Turks in Tropical Uniforms

I'm looking at these and thinking of the two Mummy films.

And how useful these could be in Pulp fiction/Back of Beyond games.

Re: Turks in Tropical Uniforms

They look very good a set thats been needed for a long time, shame about the Rifles though, I hope the other figures have more appropriate types...

Re: Turks in Tropical Uniforms

Not only will these guys be involved with a Mummy, but my Airfix second edition and Esci / Italeri French Foreign Legion troops will finally have a worthy enemy.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
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