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Re: Question re future sets

Dear Strelets,

I would be very keen to see figures for Napoleon's earlier campaigns (they were his most successful, aferall)and for the Peninsular: waterloo has been done to death.

So, i would like to see Austrians in helmets;
Hungarians in helmets
Prussian Musketeers in Bicornes;
Prussian Fusiliers and Grenadiers;
French in Bicornes;
Russians in shakos (at the moment only grenadiers are available);
Dutch in shakos

British in Stovepipe shakos
Portuguese in Stovepipes and/or barretina (the former is arguably more versatile, as the uniform can also serve for later spanish and some Prussian reserve regeiments)
Spanish in Bicornes

You've already done two sets of Highlanders, so I think they're covered. I prefer my figures not to be in great coats, it takes away the beauty of the uniforms. I have to say I'm not too keen on standing poses, but your marching and advancing ones are beautiful. As several others have mentioned, I use marching figures with shouldered, rather than slung muskets.

I would also be interested in seeing figures for the French Revolutionary wars, so,
Austrians in casquettes
Ditto Hungarians
British in bicornes and long-tailed coats with lapels
Prussians in casquettes
Russians in Bicornes
French in tarletons

A little exotic, but in the longer term i would like to see:
Hessians in bicornes
Badeners in helmets
Wurtemburgers in crested or dragoon-style helmets
Bavarians in raupenhelm

I personally don't need any French garde off any description, as i have more than i know what to do with!

Of course, if there was any scope for a generic set of marching figures for the Great Northern and Marlburian wars (Tricornes, no turnbacks on the coat) then i would snaffle them up like nobody's business :)

Thank you for asking!

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