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Re: Masters for WWI Turkish Infantry in tropical uniform are up.

Nice looking figures. Shame some people can't just leave it at that. These new figures will probably be around the same size as the HaT figures, so all the various Ottoman sets should complement one another.

Many of these new figures could be used to fight against the Turks. The British successfully encouraged many soldiers to turn against their former masters, and they still used their old Turk uniform. That could explain the Vickers (supplied by the British), although I'd rather see a German MG08. Wasn't there also a large amount of Japanese Arisaka rifles in this theatre, having been rushed there by the British, or am I getting my theatres mixed up? Could the rifles be those?

And how about film footage of THE ITALIAN FORCES IN PALESTINE

Maybe we'll see some of the elusive Italians, French, or Austrians who were also in this theatre? Or switch continents and make some Senussi.