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Re: Masters for WWI Turkish Infantry in tropical uniform are up.

I think some attempt has been made to turn the Vickers into a Maxim via a deeper breech, though I think the cooling jacket still needs to be smooth rather then ribbed (improved cooling more area) though it would be an easy fix if your so inclined...

The Turks were apparantly quite fond of using Hotchkiss MGs(captured)but as this came from a Light Horseman he probably meant the Hotchkiss Portative (not the HMG though they did have a few) used by the ALH...

The Turkish Army was very short of MGs so I guess anything usable and with ammo would be pressed into service even if only for as long as the ammo lasted or the gun remained operable...

A good site to check out

I think the Rifle is the Mauser model 1890: