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Re: Masters for WWI Turkish Infantry in tropical uniform are up.

Good to see more Ottomans, and Strelets have clearly tried to add to the existing sets.

I like the sculpting and there are nice faces. There is a couple of details I am wondering about:

Which machine gun is this? Looks like a (captured) Vickers to me, which would have been not my first choice.

What rifles are they using? Probably Mauser mod. 1890 (1889), or probably Mannlicher or Russian Mosin-Nagant, since they look neither like the standard Mauser mod. 1893 nor Martini-Peabody or Martini-Henry guns.

It looks like the sculptor tried to picture as many types of troopy as possible in one set. Some have patches on their knees, some have full packs, some have ammo pouches / bandoliers all round the waist (like the Airfix WW1 U. S. troops), and there is a mix of headgear. Can these figures be placed in the same unit?

The stick grenade is too clumsy (as is the rifle on the MG loader's back), and should be replaced by a smaller one. Regards, Pa