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Turks in tropical dress

So good, my only small grumble is I would have liked them all in Arab head dress, but these will do for Arabs in Turkish service too, so liking them lots, and a well done with the machine gun, still not quite right, but the best effort in the hobby for a while, adding this one to buy must buy list.

Re: Turks in tropical dress - Backpacks

Dear Strelets,

Wow, simply amazing! You keep getting better and better. I can't wait to buy these.

I notice in the bottom two group pictures, there is a kneeling shooting pose wearing a backpack, not shown above. I hope you will include him on the final sprew. More poses with backpacks are better. I count 11 individual poses above, but 12 in the group photos. Maybe that's why? I also hope they are in a nice color just like these masterpieces :-)

Again, amazing details Strelets Team.

Thank you! - GC

Re: Turks in tropical dress - Backpacks

Excellent job! Very lively and realistic poses. Great sculpting.