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Napoleonic British, Highlanders and Poles in Attack

Hi Strelets.
Can you provide us with a breakdown for the following British, Highlanders and Poles in attack sets.
I know the poses and quantities for the marching sets, The poles in attack look like a similar format but the images on your site for the British seems to show 12 different poses and a command section.

In the case of the highlanders i am not sure if its six poses or twelve they look very similar and they also come with a command section, I have pre - ordered 10 boxes of each set with my online seller but would really appreciate if you could supply us with figure quantities for each set and numbers of each pose included. I want to get my order right first time round.


A Big well done to your sculptor, very impressed with the new sculpting and also the new sprue moulding no more lost bayonets or painful hands removing the figures from sprue.

thanks in advance