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Re: PSR Review British Infantry on the March

Although I visit PSR a lot,very rarely does the scoring system affect my purchases.(actually never)
And realistically does anyone refuse to purchase a box of soldiers because of a stray epaulette here or a missing scabbard there?Really??

And may I add how much I anticipate getting these latest Nappies..great work Strelets!

Re: PSR Review British Infantry on the March

I never bother with PSR's scores. I look at the pictures, read their review and then make my own mind up as to whether I want those figures in my collection or not. Sometimes the quality of the sculpting isn't my main criteria and lack of alternatives might sway me which is how I ended up buying WWII FFL and Bosnian Handschar, which I will paint and use at some time even though they are horrible figures. I remember when Strelets first came on the scene they did some awful sets (for a while they had a penchant for depicting medieval cavalrymen wielding two hand weapons that would have pitched them out of their saddle if they had really tried to use them on horseback) but we liked their innovation and many of us found that a lick of paint worked wonders and really brought some of the figures alive. Since then they have massively improved their sculpting and production quality and I'm so glad that we supported them through the growing years and they have become one of the best manufacturers around nowadays. PSR offers an invaluable chance to see good scans of figures and they are perfectly entitled to put whatever score they like but it doesn't influence my purchasing choices.

Re: PSR Review British Infantry on the March

Paul K.
Hi Brian,
I don't know if this helps but if you tally up the: Historical Accuracy, the Pose Quality, the Pose No., the Sculpting and the mold Strelets British Infantry On The March scores 47 out of 50! Which in my opinion is a very good score. If we compare this overall score with Hat British Peninsular Infantry overall score they score 46!
So Strelets beat out Hat! Brian look at the bigger picture don't get upset by that one category!...and now the winners of the gold medal for the Best Sculpted Miniatures
of 2017...STRELETS TEAM!!!

Paul K.

Hi Paul,

Your comparing one Hat's best sets of figures and my favourite Hat set (also under scored by PSR) which in it's self is massive complement to the Strelets set showing there up there with the best.

I do not really have a complaint with PSR they do a fantastic job and their reviews are generally accurate, the scoring is sometimes difficult I guess it comes down to opinions and what your looking for in a set figures, the pictures speak volumes and are a indispensable help to us all.

I just wish Strelets improved sculpting had been rewarded, either way it is still a high scoring review, they have had a very positive reaction from the forum and sales seem to be going well, so Strelets can take their reward from that.