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PSR Review British Infantry on the March

PSR have reviewed the British Infantry on the March and although generally a very favourable review but I can not help thinking the review scoring is harsh.

Historical Accuracy critisism of the knapsack pouches and the shoulders wings can be easily recterfied with sharpe knife as PSR say so thereselves and in the case of the shoulder wings, Strelets put them on as they were thought it would be easier to remove them to create centre units, than to add them to create flank companies.

It would appear they have been marked down for the sergeant’s spontoon being to short and the flag being slightly under size, scoring 9 I think it is a little bit harsh but I could understand that score.

Sculpting scored 8 I find really hard to understand this, if you read the review PSR state they are slimmer and more anatomically correct, I think the sculpting in general is at least as good if not better than Strelets have produced in the past, so therefore I can not understand how they would not score at least a 9 or maybe even a 10.

I am great fan of PSR Website it is an essential part of 1/72 scale figure collecting and I probably visit it daily but, I think they should reconsider there scoring for the sculpting on this set.