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Re: "Sculpting" rate: 9 - a first for Strelets?


Sadly I disagree..

For me these set is in final quality under some previous standards of Strelets himself, even if Masters were so nice.
They are not bad figures but in my opinion they do not look so good, for having a 9.. comparing with Zvezda for instance...

That happend sto me also in new figures of "Norman Army 1066" New special figures look worse than the wonderful original M001 and M002 sets!!!!

I'd respectfully offer for you to check your eyes.

And the sculpting goes for basically the masters, as the sculpts themselves are really nice, so I'm not entirely sure what you meant...

Re: "Sculpting" rate: 9 - a first for Strelets?

The "9" is well earned. All poses look very life-like. The Japanese rifles are delicate.

Strelets also seems to have altered some masters (at least there are some masters published which wrongly are wearing a quiver on the back).

PSR prefers slim bodies and equipment. (That's why I never understand Caesar's Germans usually are earning a "10" while looking like 1940ies propaganda guys. Bulky body and small head...

Most companies have stopped releasing new boxes. So PSR will learn that Strelets is one of the few remaining producers which is releasing more and more sets and also highly improving their level of sculpting.

My only wish: mould-making should adopt the new level of sculpting.


I think over the years that strelets have been hard done by on the sculpting scores on PSR . All reviews are subjective but I think that strelets figures have something that all other figures lack and that is character . They really come alive and don't just look like showroom dummies in uniforms . The plastic they are manufactured in is perfect no bendy weapons and it is quite hard and not rubbery ( we know who I'm on about ) so mould lines are easy to remove .They are a joy to paint and really look great once they are finished . Add to this the fact that they match up in style with a lot of metal figures and they are reasonably priced and the fact that they are producing numerous and diverse sets every year . Simply the best at the moment