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Re: Strelets M121 - IJA Heavy Weapons

There is a lot to like in this set, like the X straps on the puttees, or the radio operator's glasses. The figures are interacting with the mortar and the range finder, which is great.

I would have preferred another loader instead of one officer though. Two figures look as if straight from an Atlantic or Esci box: the mortar operator with his right arm way behind his body and the NCO with spread legs as if on horseback. Nothing a little hot water couldn't fix though.

The first weapon must be the Japanese version of the Lewis machine gun:
Given the huge number of Japanese machine guns already available in 1/72, a type 11 37mm infantry gun might have been a better choice. The gunner would probably survive longer if prone.

Finally, I wished the mortars' triopods were as detailed as the rangerfinder's.

Maybe this can still be fixed before producing this most useful set. Regards, Pa

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