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Re: Strelets - I know I'm jumping the gun here, but.....

Just wanted to put this on your radar. I like everything about this Japanese HW set, especially the radioman and general officer (they will join all my Japanese armies from Philippines 1941 to Okinawa).

There are 5 WWII US Marines sets out there, but:

Atlantic is worthless.

Airfix 1st version has good poses but really poor detail. They have a flamethrower and bazooka, but no mortar, heavy MG or BAR.

Airfix 2nd version has a bazooka and heavy MG, but no flame thrower, no BAR and not even an officer.

Revell has no bazooka or heavy MG, but they do have a BAR, officer and flamethrower.

Only the Waterloo 1815 has an oddly sculpted mortar, and it is the only one that has a radioman. These sets aren't always compatible in look and it would be nice to get them all in one set that matches each other like your IJA HW set. The Matchbox and ESCI sets that have some of these things are often dressed like late war US Army, so I can't always use them.

As examples, I would love a set that included poses similar to:

radio operator

carrying ammo or supplies (real useful)

60mm like this (but in Marine uniforms):

And if they were in Marine uniforms, this Tamiya set shows good radioman, 81mm morter, etc:

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