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Re: austro hungarian masters

A clever way to sculpt a machine gunner. Happy to see a prone one. On my computer screen he seems to have no face though?

A number 2 gunner would be useful indeed.

Not convinced about the bareheaded man, would prefer him to wear a cap or helmet.

Both the machine gunner and advancing man are wearing caps. Save the pics to your desktop and then you can zoom in and see the details.

I like the advancing man in cap just as he is.

However, Strelets, if I may say I'd rather the prone machine gunner have a separate head we can plug on and also wearing a helmet. Separate you can have some very nice details. Just a thought. Looking great!

Re: austro hungarian masters

Really great masters. Chapeau!

Re: austro hungarian masters

Thanks GC, I can see the cap on the advancing guy's head now.

Good point about having the MG gunner's head as a separate part.

Re: austro hungarian masters

Pa, The pleasure is mine. I had exactly the same thoughts as you. Downloading to the DeskTop is a little trick I figured out.

I just received all the rest of Strelets' WWI Cavalry sets (German and British) I hadn't bought before. They are so cool. In hand, they are works of art. Unfortunately, some digital pictures don't do the actual figures justice.

Just for fun, try saving the new Gettysburg U.S. Cavalry Teaser Pics to your desk top and enjoy the show. I actually have really good eye sight, but 1/72 is pretty small to capture the real thing. It's my understanding Strelets' sculptors make their masters at actual size (1:1) with no downsizing. I've done so many conversions now, under a hobby magnifying lamp, I should have been a doctor!