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strelets bases

The quality of sculpting in Strelets products is improving all the time. The recent Norman, Saxon and Viking sets are superb. However, the bases still let them down. The bases of other manufacturers are flat and relatively large so that figures will easily stand by themselves without having to be glued to new bases, while Strelets figures more often than not fall over, either because the base is not flat or because it is too smallS. I prefer not to add new bases if I can avoid it. Could Strelets look at improving this aspect?

Re: strelets bases

I agree, I just bought the last set of polish infantry (Napoleon) and bases are too small to my taste, it was the same problem with Esci, and I would like to see bigger bases. I like those figures a lot, they're great but the small base can be a problem.

Awaiting some change, there's a way to solve this problem, after painting the figures, just glue some sand or earth on the base, it will add some weight and the figures will stand much better.

Re: strelets bases

Strelets have already made some improvements to their sprue layout there are a lot less connections to the thin parts such as swords and spears etc, these were always prone to breaking when removing the figures from the sprue, the trick I learned was to cut the thinner pieces first with a scalpel before using spure cutters on the think bases.

If Strelets can improve the bases making them wider and thinner especially with top heavy figures such as flagbearers then great, but if this effects the quality of the sculpting or the quality of the mold in any way than no leave them as they are, the quality of the final figures must come first.