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Re: F&IW French... any ideas?

Art Miniaturen is a company that offers some 1/72 SYW French infantry and a gun in metal. Not too many figures so far but I've heard they intend to expand the range in the future:

And Newline Designs offer 20mm (close to 1/72) Rogers' Rangers and Coureurs de Bois. These are metals too:

Re: F&IW French... any trees?

This is a period I'm very interested in but have never progressed. I'm reading the replies to the OP with great interest.

One of the difficulties would be trees. I, of course, possess quite a few but even a small battlefield must surely require 3-4 times as many as I have. Solutions?

Re: F&IW French... any trees?

Not if you did the Plains of Abraham (Battle for Quebec City) or the siege of Louisbourg.

Re: F&IW French... any trees?

Some of the figures from the Revell Seven Years War Austrian Infantry and Prussian
Infantry could be used. Strelets Great Northern War Swedish artillery could be used.
Italeri has nice Northern Woodland Indians, and Strelets new Tecumseh Indians has
several useful figures.

Re: F&IW French... any trees?

If you're prepared to invest some time and have some practical skills, you can make them by yourself. There are lots of videos on Youtube, that can help you out with this... from making plane and simple trees to making masterpieces.

If not, there are options to buy them from train terrain makers like Noch for example (from their Hobby range, other ranges can get pretty expensive).

You could also buy tree armatures from Woodland scenics and some foliage and you can soon have a buck load of trees with little investment.

Re: F&IW French... any ideas?

I'm afraid the Newline Designs figures are true 20mm scale and wont match with most of the plastics.
I'm already a bit concerned about mixing Italeri and some of the Strelets natives, although they should be OK, as there is always a height difference among humans.

But the biggest problem I have to face is lots and lots of conversions and usage of green stuff as not everything can be done just by painting and slight modifications with the scalpel.

Some may argue that it doesn't matter at that scale on the tabletop but for me it does.

Will have to take some more time to decide which way to go... the easy (and more expensive one) with 28mm ranges or the harder (and more friendlier to my wallet) one.

Why are the 1/72 manufacturers always making things so hard for us?

Oh well, it's a lot better then when I started with this hobby... that's for sure.