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Re: 9 streletsi waiting for new homes

I would like some of the 8 helmeted streltsi from english Men at arms..
I like the figure and i am not planing having the set in the short term..
I would not need the 8 all, if someone else also wants them

Re: 9 streletsi waiting for new homes

It seems you are the only one (at least for the moment) who wants any of them...

I´ll wait a few days more (say monday?) and then I´ll send you them. Maybe all of them...?

On Hold

I just had a phone call from someone (who used to be on this forum) who was very interested in the figures. Since I had a prior agreement with him, to give him the streletsi that I got, I cannot trade/give away those that I have at the moment, before he has had his say. That I haven't heard from him in the last 3 years is another matter.

Re: On Hold

Well, can you not spare even one helmeted guy for me then?? Was your agreement in fornt of a judge ?

Re: On Hold

Yeah, sure, I can probably let you have one or two. He still hasn't responded to my email where I, after his phone call, outlined what I had.

Send me your mailing info, in an email, and we'll see what I can muster :)

Re: On Hold

I got an email from my friend today. He says you are welcome to get 2 of the men-at-arms versions of the streletsi. So... All I need is your adress.

Re: On Hold

thats very nice of you.

Re: On Hold

Thank you both colleagues,
Please write me in