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Re: 5 acw sets?

Love acw got some great armies already but can always have more look forward to the new strelets sets .....but what about some of the early war exotics on both sides like used at bull run etc.People carrying stuff and supplies,battle field hospitals,generic supply /pack animals oxen,mules,horses all with interchangeable loads and generic handlers,different sizes and older or younger soldiers even fat ones ,beards!!! Black units,irregulars including Indians who fought on both sides,vagabonds more drummers,fifes,civilians,caissons,camp life,phew!!!!! Strelets your figures have improved no end keep it up.

Awesome ideas I like the colored troops idea best, maybe 54th MA and some Confederates. Also the idea about different heights and ages must be realized some day, not sure how many soldiers were fat though, maybe a set depicting reenactors lol