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9 streletsi waiting for new homes

Greetings gentlemen,

I have 9 streletsi bonus figures that I would like someone who wants them to have. 8 of them are from the English Men-At-Arms set (M118), and one of them (their boss I assume) is from the Norman Army Camp (I believe).

Who wants these? Preferably within the EU, so customs do not become an issue... But other than that. I'll give them away to anyone who really wants/need them ...


make that 10!

Just found out I also had the streltsi from the Stamford Bridge box set too.

Re: 9 streletsi waiting for new homes

I would like some of the 8 helmeted streltsi from english Men at arms..
I like the figure and i am not planing having the set in the short term..
I would not need the 8 all, if someone else also wants them

Re: 9 streletsi waiting for new homes

It seems you are the only one (at least for the moment) who wants any of them...

I´ll wait a few days more (say monday?) and then I´ll send you them. Maybe all of them...?

On Hold

I just had a phone call from someone (who used to be on this forum) who was very interested in the figures. Since I had a prior agreement with him, to give him the streletsi that I got, I cannot trade/give away those that I have at the moment, before he has had his say. That I haven't heard from him in the last 3 years is another matter.

Re: On Hold

Well, can you not spare even one helmeted guy for me then?? Was your agreement in fornt of a judge ?

Re: On Hold

Yeah, sure, I can probably let you have one or two. He still hasn't responded to my email where I, after his phone call, outlined what I had.

Send me your mailing info, in an email, and we'll see what I can muster :)

Re: On Hold

I got an email from my friend today. He says you are welcome to get 2 of the men-at-arms versions of the streletsi. So... All I need is your adress.

Re: On Hold

thats very nice of you.

Re: On Hold

Thank you both colleagues,
Please write me in