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Re: Orion - Vietnam??

Good luck with them. I really like your other modern sets so far.

Re: Orion - Vietnam??

Will you still make WWII US Artillery crews?

Re: Orion - Vietnam??

Hi Haron, you said that you are making some sets for Vietnam. Can you tell us more? What sets are you working on?

When I make - I will tell. Maybe in the end of the year there will be several sets.

I'll buy them on release! Have a US rifle platoon all painted up, from Esci, the Pegasus marines yet in their box, and a half painted NVA platoon as wel as all the Imex Korean War sets to be used as South Vietnamese and Vietcong.

Sir, I'm so excited I can't contain it. Please share any info you can as soon as possible, I really love building and painting for the conflict. If you'll release some Australians, I'll be the happies little wargamer in existence.

edit: and this happens on my birthday, woo, thank you!