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Re: Sad Hat news at PSR!

So from what I could see it's the 1/32 scale sets that have been scrapped from Crowdfunding. Several sets that are listed as in the pipeline might therefore end up either in crowdfunding or will be scrapped altogether... Their Napoleonic Brunswick infantry has been on the list for 5 years now. And the more recent Austrians don't seem to progress much - they've been there for at least 2 years now.

So let's see. On an aside I'm really happy for the ACW fans who are looking forward to the new sets. But while I may get excited at the Strelets sets, I cannot say that I'm happy about the fiddly HaT pictures. That's a no-go for me - but of course I totally accept that this will make some people really happy!

Happy collecting and playing to all!

Re: Sad Hat news at PSR!

Looking at production rate in the last couple of years I feel that most people not matter what their era will be disappointed not just AWI and ACW.

Probably, they finally might get the idea of producing sets that will sell rather than producing sets like Germans and Japanese on bicycles.

Re: Sad Hat news at PSR!

Yet the bicycle sets sold well

They may not be my favourite, but people wanted them as that is how troops moved around.