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lots of new stuff

Wargames' rules have hit another purple patch. Lots being released.

Emphasis is on fast play & manageable armies.

Have you seen "The Men Who Would Be Kings" for Colonial games?

Here's a video:

Re: Saga

I followed the link you gave to the Saga rules. It dosen't say anything about the number of players required. Are you it can be played solo?

Re: Saga

Sorry, I should have made it clear the rule book does *not* provide a solo mechanism.

But I've devised a simple one: it's not Rocket Surgery (or I couldn't do it!!).

Essentially, you give your "opponent" default orders. eg. Always adopt an aggressive posture. Levies to seek cover where possible. Always have a Hearthguard in VS distance of the Warlord. etc.

I have about 16 of these. Thus, if you lose a melee & do the mandatory retreat, next move you charge in again (see aggressive posture order).

In terms of distributing dice on the Battle Board, that's pretty easy as (usually) choices are limited by the symbols you throw. To play both sides you have to be a bit Schizoid (sorry, I couldn't resist) but it's not that hard.

However, because the game is short & easy, it's also easy getting opponents. Family members can be easily addicted.

Good luck.

Re: Saga

Obviously, each to their own but I would not recommend Saga, it has a very strange mechanism where troops do not have their generic qualities but have to be awarded them through the judicious allocation of dice to various qualities set out on a board. As a game it is a unique mechanism but it is not a wargame in my view. For example, a mounted Norman knight has to be given the qualities that historically made him the early medieval shock weapon that he was rather than it being intrinsic to the troop type - it put me in mind of early WRG rules where one found oneself having to decide if a unit of renaissance cuirassier would use their pistols or lance when going into combat as if the men and their officers had no idea how to use their weapons and tactics to best advantage and had to be told everything by their general. I don't imagine Napoleon ever told one of his aides to tell a regiment to engage the enemy and make sure they remember to fire their muskets! Personally, for dark age/early medieval skirmish I would strongly recommend Pig Wars. For bigger games we also adapted Command and Colours hex based system to shield wall type battles. Recently, we have started using To The Strongest for ancient battles and intend giving them a try for dark age/early medieval. As I said each to their own and if you like Saga then that's great but it irritated me rather than gave me that warm glow you get from understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a historical army and using it well - or not!