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Japanese summer dress

Hi All
Just got one Box of These.
Nice figures BUT.....

I tried to compare with all other plastic manufacturers (Esci, Matchbox, Waterloo, Revell, Airfix)...they are really extremely bulky and BIG!!

Now I ask myself why Producers can't simply respect the size of a Japanese man in ww2....every Producers seems to funnily choose his own size... :-(

I tried even to put them at the side of METAL 20mm figures I have (and I have many of many Producers)....guess what??
They are still GIANTS!!....the only Producers that the figures would somehow fit is BRITANNIA....

Happy that we have such a set......UNAPPY that we can't use them with ANY other figures...

I hope that at the next Japanese release....STRELETS take some thought about it..

Re: Japanese summer dress

I have to agree, 23mm is about right for WW2 Japanese , and I hope future sets come no taller than that,especially the heavy weapons

Re: Japanese summer dress

I wrote about this when they were proposed. According to US Army Guide books the average height of Japanese soldiers was 5 foot three and a half inches and you can bet there were not wide variations. Height is one issue the other is stature as most Japanese were short limbed so it is not just a scaled down European as usually the torso is about the same as an average European ditto the head. 22.5 mm is about correct or between 22 and 23 mms with most 22mm but get the stature ( and weapons) wrong and they will just look small.

Re: Japanese summer dress

David O'Brien
I wrote about this when they were proposed.

So did I. As well as about the nearly total lack of submachine guns in the Japanese army.

Let's hope for the planned additional sets. Regards, Pa