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Re: Polish/Highland marching troops

I'm sure they'll find some sort of use for the "extra" command figures from the sprues. They wouldn't be the first company to only include one of each command figure in a box - remember when Italeri would run two or three sprues of "generic" poses and a third sprue with "special" and command poses? I don't know - other than MAC - a solution that will please everyone. I wouldn't mind getting some more command figures myself, but at the same time I never liked sets where there equal numbers of eight poses giving us as many officers waving their swords uselessly in the air as standing firing or loading or marching. MAC in my opinion pretty much solved that but even that has caused some heartburn as I read a mild criticism of MAC just a day or so ago.

I think as more sets come down the pipe some of these things will work themselves out. In the meantime, the producers need to watch out for their Heinies...

Re: Polish/Highland marching troops

Fire at Will
Looking at the images on Plastic Soldier Review it appears that there is only one of each of the command figures in the packet and they have been cut off the other three sprues. is this correct? it seems a terrible waste of effort especially for those like myself who make 24 figure units.

when i got the big box sets i thought someone swiped them as they were cut off.i even counted all the figures just to make sure,lol.

Re: Polish/Highland marching troops

And similar comments over on Bennos re the Waterloo 1815 French infantry.

Anyway, I have ordered so hope they arrive soon - really looking forward to these, an if they are as good in the "flesh" as they look on-line, I will be ordering another brigade (4 boxes) and hoping for the Polish "action" figures for another brigade