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Re: 2017 wishlist

Michael Robert
Russian Civil War is a good idea! I'll second that.
However, many sets WWI Russian units have been produced. They are perfect for Civil war but hard or impossible to come by. Examples : the 2 Russian WWI Infantry sets

Best regards


Strelets WW1 Russian infantry in winter dress are particularly useful for various RCW factions and the bulky greatcoats suit the sculpting style of the time. Got quite a few of those sets. Same for the RCW winter Red infantry although I don't think the summer sets hold up so well.

A slight frustration with the Red infantry sets was that the number of budenovka hats was actually reduced from the number shown in the masters - the only time I've seen that happen and not a good change IMHO. Of course, by no means all Reds wore the budenovka but those that didn't just look like WW1 Russians (with the shoulder straps removed) and there are several good sets of those already available. Much preferred Orion's decision to have all their Red cavalry in the bud to which you could sprinkle units with WW1 figures in peaked caps and fur hats.

However these aforementioned are difficult to portray with any of the figures available...

• Naval Infantry
• Partisans (eg Makhnovist)
• Nationalists (Ukrainian, Polish, etc.)

Re: 2017 wishlist

Medieval Far East Asia (11th-14th centuries) is a huge void, miniature-wise, for an epic period of history which saw Chinese dynasties, Korean kingdoms and Japanese shogunates all clash and ultimately struggle to fight off the encroaching Mongol tidal wave.

Re: 2017 wishlist

Vandals- mounted and on foot
Byzantine cavalry
WW1 Balkans Armies :Serb, Romanien, Bulgarian...
Early WW2 Allied : BEF, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian ...

Re: 2017 wishlist

I'll put it this way nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies nappies o did I mention Napoleonic figures
The latter style uniform the better
Many thanks Phil