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Re: VK photo wall?

Bert I don't think that it is down.It looks like you now have to register to view content.

If you set Google to translate to English you will see the registration/ log in section


Re: VK photo wall?

I am registered & just changed my password, but STILL every time I go there it still gives me an "ERROR" & "Access Denied." & it's 3 days after Jan 08! Does anybody have any contact info for them? I can find nothing.

Re: VK photo wall?

Finally it's up and running again no need to sign in.

Re: VK photo wall?

speaking of which,there is an image of a couple medieval swiss coming out.i forget which company was producing them.ultimo ratio or redbox?

VK photo is Back

the Swiss infantry by Ultima Ratio (should be two different set) Redbox, Orion, UR, Alliance are all make by Mr.H; now waiting other master of Strelets. I may need a second job, long purchasing list...

Re: VK photo is Back

Yes, I see! Great!
Heard any Alliance info for this year? They've been so tight lipped since last year!

Re: VK photo wall?

This is a temporary problem. All contents will be available after January 8th.