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Re: Gettysburg union cavalry

Thanks Strelets, I could see where you were going

Nice Job¡

These soldiers with head swaps could suit perfectly for the indian wars¡¡¡

Best regards¡¡

Re: Gettysburg union cavalry

My only complaint is the flag, I understand that not everyone prints out their own flags or buy paper flags, but I'd rather see flag poles only on both cavalry and infantry figures. Cutting the plastic flag does not always get good results.
It's good though that the guidon bearer and some other poses are not looking to the sides but actually forward

Re: Gettysburg union cavalry

LOL! Good one Alan!
These look FANTASTIC! Hope a lot will be available because I am going to be buying a lot! Finally, a great set of dismounted Union Cavalry! Buford's troopers finally get their due in plastic! I can't wait for those Rebs to come marching down that road now!

Re: Gettysburg union cavalry

They look splendid. Even though I already have enough, I'll have to get them.

Re: Gettysburg union cavalry

Same for me Will. I thought that I had "enough" ACW figures until I saw these beauties... and the other three sets that are coming through!
Lovely, fine looking figures Strelets!