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A Need To Get Retailers Attention

I don't know how it is in Europe, but I've found many retailers here in the U.S don't carry Strelets sets. I have spoken with several about Strelets new sculptors and the wide range of conflicts offered. It seems to be a supplier issue and some concern as to how they would sell here. I have tried to assure them that Strelets is one of the most popular and sought after military miniature companies there is now. Maybe if we could get the word out more retailers would carry the line and they would not be so hard to get. I don't think it would hurt to try. All the best! Cappy

Re: A Need To Get Retailers Attention

Dear Cappy,

actually, you've approached this problem from a right angle - retailers don't order our products for fear of would-be sales, as they don't get asked by the customers. In case they feel that sufficient demand is there, they will relay their orders to us.

Best regards,