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Re: Rare/unique ACW poses

The problem with unique poses is, what do you do with 20 of them?

So you're saying never once did 20 soldiers surrender? Or start looking for ammo? What I meant wasn't that all poses should be exactly the same, like the infamous cup drinker in the Imex set, but slightly different.

Re: Rare/unique ACW poses

Unique is fine to a degree, but like you said, we don't need a company of coffee drinkers. Or like Britains recently did with their metal WWI, a platoon using the loo.
As far as other poses, I hope they avoid the seemingly required pose of mounted horsemen shooting to the side. Let's stick to cavalry charging, or at least moving forward.

Re: Rare/unique ACW poses

All these are nice ideas, to a point, but as has been said, you don't want 20 of them! The place for such unique figures would be in a large box set with the individual unique bonus sprue. I'm guessing IF Pickett's Charge is such a set, that's where they should be. & come on, a full set of loaders? I'd never buy it!

One stand alone set, that cries out for the ACW is casualties. Airfix did the best casualty poses ever! 1 each in their WW1 sets, another in FFL, WW2 Aussies & Ghurkhas, Romans, Nappy Brits, Highland, Imp Grd & French all had 1, plus the French had a great pose of a soldier carrying a comrade over his shoulder & Washington had 2 soldiers carrying a wounded man seated on a rifle. Best soldiers getting shot; WW2 Japanese, Nappy Highland, WW1 US. &, early version WW2 Marines had the "Saving Pvt Ryan" brother killed on Omaha pose! These are all perfect for a bloody ACW battlefield!