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Re: Rare/unique ACW poses

All these are nice ideas, to a point, but as has been said, you don't want 20 of them! The place for such unique figures would be in a large box set with the individual unique bonus sprue. I'm guessing IF Pickett's Charge is such a set, that's where they should be. & come on, a full set of loaders? I'd never buy it!

One stand alone set, that cries out for the ACW is casualties. Airfix did the best casualty poses ever! 1 each in their WW1 sets, another in FFL, WW2 Aussies & Ghurkhas, Romans, Nappy Brits, Highland, Imp Grd & French all had 1, plus the French had a great pose of a soldier carrying a comrade over his shoulder & Washington had 2 soldiers carrying a wounded man seated on a rifle. Best soldiers getting shot; WW2 Japanese, Nappy Highland, WW1 US. &, early version WW2 Marines had the "Saving Pvt Ryan" brother killed on Omaha pose! These are all perfect for a bloody ACW battlefield!