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Re: New sets arriving...

Thanks Allan, we got there in the end, chuffed with bonus figures too. Germania are going to produce more Zulu war figures as well, and if the rest are as good as their first set we are in for a real treat, 2017 is going to be a good year for all things Zulu war.

Re: New sets arriving...

my order is out for delivery today,yay.

Re: New sets arriving...

nothing like new figures on the porch when you get home.
love all 5 of the sets i got,and may have to order a couple of more big box sets.

Re: New sets arriving...

Since the day Strelets Team announced that the lorry had arrived in London, I've been checking all of the online shops to see if the new batch of miniatures were in stock yet. I had seen them in various European online shops and very surprisingly, one U.S. retailer (Toy Soldier HQ ) had them. I live in Canada, I usually order from U.K.
because most of the time, I don't have to pay additional duties on orders from the U.K.
whereas when I order from U.S. I get dinged by Canada Customs almost every time!
So yesterday, I noticed that Model Hobbies had them in stock and promptly fired off an order immediately. This morning I received an email from Model Hobbies that my order was being processed.So now I'm waiting for the email that will tell me the order has been shipped! I put an order for all the Napoleonic sets.

Happy Collecting Everybody!!!

Paul K.

Re: New sets arriving...

Hi Paul,

I can highly recommend its based in the UK, when strelets displayed their new Napoleonic sets I fired off a note to Rupert who took my pre-order and even sent me a note on the 28th December to say that they were now available for purchase. I had them all in my hands by the 5th on January.

I think they are well priced and offer super fast delivery, Rupert, keeps you well informed of your order and of any new sets that might be coming out in the future.

what more could we ask for in the hobby


Re: New sets arriving...

i have ordered the 3 big box sets and the 2 english sets.i have been tracking their agonizing slow journey across the country.