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Re: Camel corps

Bert, my assumption is that the Camel Corp and Turks are for the WW1 middle east campaigns, as an adjunct to the Lawrence figures, which readers have asked for.

Some info on the Imperial Camel Corp here.


Re: Camel corps

Danny, that does make loads of sense. It just seemed odd to me as the Camel Corps seemed a much bigger player in the Colonial era & dismtd figs would go well with Hat's Camel Corps. The Turks as well since alternate/Tropical Uniforms for other than the British really didn't exist much in this era. My feelings are for the Middle Eastern theater of WW1 is that we need more Arabs! 1 set of LoA cavalry is hardly a just representation!

We shall see!

The Arab Revolt 1916–18: Lawrence sets Arabia ablaze (Campaign)

I'm crossing my fingers for these guys on the cover of this book. Although they were Camelry riding great distances to get to the fight, they faught dismounted:

Re: Camel corps

Camel Corps? I think theres a strong chance that these will be Dismounted Arab Irregulars to go with the Arab Revolt cavalry already released...
WW1 Imperial Camel Corps wouldnt be covered by one set in any case ie Indian(similar to Indian Cavalry but with Camels), British(similar to British Tropical infantry/cavalry but with camels, Australan(similar to ALH but with camels), New Zealand similar to ALH with some slight difference...

Re: Camel corps

I will be buying any of the above, from Colonial to WW1 , but maybe Strelets can enlighten us ?

Re: Camel corps

Dear Alan,

that will be WWI.

Best regards,


Re: Camel corps

Thank you Strelets, Arab or British ?

Re: Camel corps


Re: Camel corps

I was expecting Arab, and was very excited at that prospect, but only slightly less excited to hear British, Well done and thank you.

Re: Camel corps

Yes to more WW1 sets, especially the Turks!

Also curious about the Camel Corps and the WW2 Japanese. Regards, Pa