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Re: New 2017 Year is approaching

Looking forward to much in the coming new year! I know at least Strelets will not disappoint! Hope others will follow suite. Am also very surprised there's been no Hoopla over the new ACW poses?

Happy to see one casualty, but this set is going to need LOTS more! This could actually be another subject, like Balaclava, where an aftermath set/sprue would be very appropriate.

An early Happy New Year to all!

Yes, hopefully a sprue of returning Confederate survivors from Pickett's Charge will be included in the Pickett's Charge set. Pickett himself or Lee meeting the survivors would also be quite welcome.

Besides the figures from Balaclava set I think Strelets should take inspiration from their Jacobites sets for casualties:

Re: New 2017 Year is approaching

Thanks Strelets team.

I am certainly going to be happy collecting, and painting..and gaming...and storing (and a little dreaming).

May our purchases continue to keep you in happy in your business.



Re: New 2017 Year is approaching

That figure would look great without the rifle and with a football at his feet
Christmas truce anyone?

A Happy Collecting New year to all.

Re: New 2017 Year is approaching

Thank you, Strelets, for making my anticipation of a new year and another spin round the sun much brighter because of your ACW figures. All the best from Bonnie Scotland.