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Re: Picket`s Charge

Please remember that a lot of us (well maybe just a few) are diorama builders so we need figures in hand to hand combat, like clubbing and stabbing etc for realism.

Re: Picket`s Charge

Hi Strelets, thanks for the progress photos of the masters. I do have a minor concern and there is one thing that bothers me with some of these poses and its evident in the second, third and fifth poses in the photo. Each of these figures has its right leg forward and the left leg back, but the left arm is also back. These appear to be very unnatural poses and especially moving at pace would be unlikely to occur.

I've seen other photos of some other masters with this same issue. Try it yourself, and you'll notice how unbalanced your body is. The fifth figure is somewhat reminiscent of the Esci running pose ( third figure at the top), awkward. The left arm (free arm) either needs to be across the body like the poses on either end or out in front (ie in the opposite direction to the legs). If the left leg is back, the left arm should be forward and vice versa. I'd hate to see such a great effort be tarnished by such an error. Hopefully, these are able to be corrected before they go to the molding stage.

Re: Picket`s Charge

Dear Neilad,

This lot will be with profile figures, therefore, as suggested, they won't be possible to extract out of the mold. It's one of those concessions that we have to make to re-create 3D objects with 2 piece molds.

Best regards,


Re: Picket`s Charge

Dear Strelets,

I thought this may be so. In that case may I suggest the figures would look more natural if the arm was forward but across the front of the body. Even if close to the body this should still allow a two piece mold and would at least make those particular poses appear more natural. If not possible then some figure modifications post purchase will be required. Thank you for your consideration.

Re: Picket`s Charge

I can't wait to see several boxes of these Military Miniatures off the sprew and on my Battlefield with their Strelets Generals leading them on! It will be like a Living 3D Painting and you get to update the scenes as the battle proceeds. Finally!