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Re: Caesar Elves

I would not go jumping up & down that Caesar is back in the Fantasy figure biz. After a couple of very specific emails to Miniknight concerning the Elf set, & their usual very evasive answers, I have a really bad feeling this was it! I think Orcs 2 was finished & Elves 2 was supposed to be 3 accompany sets, but only half the masters got made so rather than sit on them, they dumped them all in one set & called it a day. That is why the missing shield, no standard bearer & no short pack figs. & Tom S, buy them direct as I have a feeling this set is never going mainstream! They'll push out a run now & then for supply & demand, but that is as far as this set is ever going. Looks like RedBox/Alliance really doesn't have any competition? The only thing guaranteed there is 2 more sets of Trolls.