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ACW in greatcoats

My thoughts and suggestions on future ACW infantry in greatcoats:

Set 1 "ACW infantry in greatcoats marching", basically marching sets, mix of kepis and slouch hats.
Set 2 "ACW infantry in greatcoats in action", running, skirmishing, loading and firing. Some casualty figures and command figures are included.
Set 3 "ACW infantry in greatcoats in camp", sitting, standing still, guarding, includes camp fire, stack of rifles and cabin.
Set 4 "ACW infantry in greatcoats standing still in anticipation".

Scenes that can be recreated:

and more

I'd love to hear more suggestions and thoughts.

Re: ACW in greatcoats

not to mention Shiloh!..........

Re: ACW in greatcoats

I would love to see ACW in greatcoats. Would also purchase them as well.

Re: ACW in greatcoats

not to mention Shiloh!..........

Was gonna mention Shiloh but got unsure, all paintings I've seen depict the troops without greatcoats, so not sure about that one..

I really want these sets, even if we only get one mixed set I'm happy. All those winter scenarios is what I look forward to.

edit: I seem to have mixed up Stones River with Iuka in my first post, which was fought in September, not the time of year for greatcoats..

Re: ACW in greatcoats

Shiloh was fought on april 6th and 7th so the weather was not all that warm, even in the south. plus I've seen some re-enactments there and there were plenty of greatcoats. your right about stones river, that's another good one. man I can't wait for these new sets to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: ACW in greatcoats

Fredericksburg was fought in December so there are lots of great paintings of soldiers in winter outfits. Don Troiani did a wonderful painting of the Irish Brigade charging up Marye's Heights at Fredericksburg. Link:

Re: ACW in greatcoats

The weather at Shiloh was unseasonably warm in the Spring of 1862.