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Barbarians in roman service

Romans employed barbarian manpower for their armies, but at the end of the empire, the recruitment of foreigners was less governed by strict rules (roman units commanded by roman officers, equipment from fabricae, the roman armaments factories).

Manufacturers have released plenty of auxiliaries set for imperial era (or even socii during Republic), but nothing really specific for the last years of the West roman empire, more barbarian than roman in its look.

I tried to represent different units by using a mix of (late) roman miniatures and barbarian ones.

the first cohort of Batavi, germanic warriors very romanized serving on the Hadrian Wall (25 figurines) :
the equites taifali, an heavy cavalry units composed by captured barbarians and sended in the cold Britannia (18 horses) :
Equites Honoriani seniores, surely a light cavalry unit of gothic prisonners, serving in Gaul (14 horses) :