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Re: New Strelets set announced, napoleonic "Highlanders in attack"

You are right... If there is a chance to set it right, then PLEASE Strelets, do so. :-)

Re: New Strelets set announced, napoleonic "Highlanders in attack"

For a long time I bemoaned the lack of decent highlander figures that were actually available to buy. Eventually I stopped whinging and set about converting the figures in a set that had good sculpts but only one good pose, and ended up with a bunch of poses that I like

To be honest I might, just, prefer my dodgy conversions because I put a bit of myself into them.
But I'm still going to buy these, you bet I am! I might end up with more highlanders in my collection than there are in the highlands but I don't care. Coming to think about it most of my Highlanders so far are defensive poses, so, yes I need Highlanders in attack (incidentally if you make figures in a firing line as good as these I'll probably buy those too, I don't particularly need them, but who cares).

These are fabulous looking figures and again the poses of the pioneers are outstanding. "Who says it's not opening time".

Thank you Strelets for not letting the existence of a few mediocre sets prevent you from making a superior one.