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Re: Bringing Strelets to a wider audience

I swear to f-word TMP always gets closed for maintenance when I want to read something there.

Why the hell they need all that downtime?

Re: Bringing Strelets to a wider audience

Surely Strelets know how many they sell. I am not sure why Strelets wouldn't know how to plug and I always assumed the plugging from collectors started way back.
Forum hits to sales must be easy to work out. If 500 hits = 500 sales or 500 hits = 200 sales though I could see this being fiddled to get a wish list into plastic miniatures once the feline is released from the satchel. If you read buyer reviews on websites you quickly realise they have, in the main, been made up and are worthless or at best should be taken with sackfuls of salt.

If I went into my local Wilko (son of Woolworths)or Sainsburys stores and Strelets figures were there as a big stand then it would be different. Those days are long, long past.

Wargamers buying multiple boxes have probably kept things going for a while and will probably continue to do so but it is not a new thing and the TMP page referred to touches on the issue of scales and preferred material for (ACW in this case) miniatures. I presume Strelets know the parameters of production, sales and distribution of their products and I therefore don't see what I can add to that. Oh I can add a bit - good luck.