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Re: British Infantry in Attack - Command group


BTW, I enjoyed reading your comments below about your movie and book experiences with your Dad.

Kindest regards - GC

Thanks GC. One of the things I like about this hobby is that it does help to keep happy memories of my parents (now both passed) alive, as they always endeavoured to buy with their limited financial means those things (military books, soldiers, models etc) that they knew that I liked. And then there were movies. Just like Waterloo, we shared many a session together at the cinema, and I always loved that my dad had a very broad historical knowledge and always seemed to know something about everything I saw in books, or enquired about relating to battles or soldiers.

I am guessing that for many older collectors/gamers/painters etc we all have some form of special emotional attachment to particular aspects of this hobby, whether it be to books, movies, early figure collections or fun times with family.


Re: British Infantry in Attack - Command group

Love the animated pose on that pioneer. These figures are usually standing or marching fairly sedately but this guy looks like he's thinking "I'm going to turn that chemin de-frise into toothpicks!". The command figures in all of these recent sets look good.

Re: British Infantry in Attack - Command group

Ditto Graeme the pioneer/s is superb, and I would buy the set for that figure alone