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Re: Crowdfunding?

Hi David

Thank you for this brilliant reply. I agree with you and we're not there yet on an "industrial" scale, however there are several manufacturers who already offer to make small batches of figures on demand.

My point was simply to see the reactions out there. but it is clear that people, as you say, have too many varied interests or that we really are a dying breed... probably both actually, as well as other factors.

Like you I have spend copious amounts of money on figures I am really into. I have over 50,000 figures for the Napoleonic wars and not far of 20,000 for WW1. And I know people who have in the hundreds of thousands. But there aren't that many.

Anyway, an interesting topic in my mind. Perhaps one day we'll hear more of this.

In the meantime, all the best to Strelets and to all those who love the little figures out there!


Re: Crowdfunding?

I think crowdfunding has real potential, at one level the manufacturer can gauge the level of interest before forking out a lot of money, it also is a great way of sorting out the " if you make xxxx set I would buy 20, 50, 100 boxes of them ". It gives niche projects a chance where they may not get them if the risk was all on the manufacturer. It is in its infancy and it will be very interesting to see how it develops, I have bought in to both Plastic soldier company`s and Hat`s efforts, not only do I want the product on offer, but I want to encourage future projects and that will only happen if they have success, and that is down to us the buying public.

Re: Crowdfunding?

I think Strelets are too classy for crowdfunding, no need for it. But if we could get a set released faster, like the ACW set, through some sort of fundraising I would be willing to participate.