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Re: Zulus

It occurs to me that since the OP Simon is quite new to this forum (first post on the 7th of this month) That perhaps his inquiry was quite genuine and that he had absolutely no idea he was going to offend anyone's sense of political correctness.

I haven't found any instances of him "pestering" any one on any subject on other forums, I'm pretty sure that he hasn't posted at the other place and I haven't seen any posts by him at Benno's (although the way Benno's is set up it's just possible I might have missed it).

As for him being another forum regular posting under an assumed name, a simple search of his name in relation to 1/72 figures turned up someone running a web shop selling lots of painted figures on e-bay, apparently since 2004. For the record, it's not the same seller listing Allan used when selling some figs a short while ago and anyway I'm pretty sure Allan's not a Yorkshireman.

So, Welcome Simon. Sorry you stumbled into someone else's ancient relic of a hissy fit. I'll do you the courtesy of assuming that you didn't join this forum just to wind up the host and that your post was a genuine attempt to open a discussion, so:

If Strelets was interested in making Zulus I suspect they would have
told you by now (if I got that wrong Strelets are welcome to correct me). You've found another company with lots of Zulu war figs they have Zulus and there may be more to come. Also Italeri have re-released their Zulus in conjunction with their laser cut MDF Rorkes Drift buildings. you might also check out A Call to Arms, not sure on the availability of those.

Re: Zulus

The Italeri re-issue is a great Dark Brown color, and is very stiff, yet soft feeling plastic, I'm sure perfect for painters and non-painters alike. Bend it, twist it, it does not break. Very nice set.

ACTA Zulus very nice soft plastic, but a Light Tan color, and Undersized for 1/72 (maybe true HO Scale) ... go figure!?

HaT re-issues in Dark Brown and Soft Plastic - Bingo! ...

... Just saying ...

Re: Zulus

The Unmarried Zulu`s are up and running, so thank you to everyone who has supported the project, and thanks to Strelets for letting us post and talk Zulu`s. For those of you who have not seen my posts elsewhere Germania figures are worth a visit, they are starting a range of 1/72 Zulu war figures, and very good they are too, so please support them, the more we buy, the more they make, everyone wins.