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Re: Advancing poses

I think firing lines is a good idea, but other sets and metal ranges have many firing poses, so standing still should have priority here, but all of these sets will sell really well so many other sets will be possible to realize, I'm sure of this. I'm more of a diorama builder so melee figures are also on my wish list, even only a few poses would be very helpful. Also gun crews are as everyone knows needed.

My priority list:
1. Marching
2. Advancing
3.standing still and present arms
6. Artillery crews

Re: Advancing poses

I agree with Pa, I like the advancing with bayonet at low port pose for Napoleonics. It's a good all round pose looks good in an attacking army but also looks ok in a defending one.

Not so keen on the running with one leg in the air, ballet dancing with bayonet pose which often looks unrealistic and has a narrow range of use.

Firing lines would get me in too.

Re: Advancing poses p.s. stretlets team

If all goes well with your brilliant intention for the foot soldier especially the Napoleonic figures, would you do same sort of thing for horse figures??? So far pre ordered 15 boxes of each Napoleonic ones I've seen but may have to extend my hobby room to accommodate the rest that could be in the pipeline.
All the best for your initiative in future figures.
Regards Phil

Re: Advancing poses p.s. stretlets team

I'll buy multiples of any and all ACW sets, but am looking forward to firing lines in particular.

Re: Advancing poses p.s. stretlets team

Dear Phil,

we don't plan that for cavalry.
Best regards,


Re: Advancing poses

Dear Graeme,

we were talking about ACW concept.
Running figures for Napoleonics will be inappropriate, indeed.
In ACW walking soldiers would have been depleted long before they could reach enemy lines, pretty much like here:
(sorry for poor quality)

Best regards,


Re: Advancing poses

Fair enough.

Re: Advancing poses

Dear Strelets,

Since this is such a lively thread about poses, I'll go ahead and make my wishes now.

I'm hoping for 1 casualty pose for each C.S.A. and U.S. My thought is maybe they would be most appropriate in the Firing Line Set and then could be used anywhere after that. It is essentially an Action.

There is 1 favorite Casualty Pose of mine in each of the links below. The top one, has lots of Bayonetting and Clubbing poses also. This painting is the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House. I'm afraid you will have to copy the 2 links below and paste them into your browser. Sorry, I'm not a techie kind of guy. Thank you for listening! Links:

Confederate Casualty plus lots of Bayonetting and Clubbing

Union Casualty

Re: Advancing poses

Thank you for the upgrade, Traveller!

Re: Advancing poses

Gents, have mercy!

It's like running after horizon - we've barely announced new line of figures, and you are suggesting even more! One can't catch up with that in a lifetime.



Re: Advancing poses

Dearest Strelets,

Seems the good news is your new ACW and Napoleonic Lines are ramping up to be huge successes!

I personally felt you were more than kind enough to me in the threads below with Teaser Pictures and encouraging news, so I was going to sit quietly for a while. But when I heard the Band Wagon coming down the street beating and singing out the joyful sound of all those special Pose Requests, I just had to jump on board too - Sorry!

I really feel that your sculptor is so talented, and with new Masters so outstanding, your Strelets Team will do the ultimate job of immortalizing those souls for these wars regardless of our well intended interference - But still, Thank you for listening!

With that, it's Friday here, so I wish the Strelets Team and Forum Fans a wonderful weekend. Happy Dreams for me.

Faithfully yours - GC

Re: Advancing poses

when it comes to these sets we all get excited to see them and more.i will contain myself and not ask for more,at least for now lol.

Re: Advancing poses

Gents - while I agree that a couple of poses of these would be okay, these types of poses are generally for the diorama builder and I think sales for Strelets would be limited if the poses are no use to the wargamer. Maybe a couple of these poses in the appropriate sets. I'd like to see a wounded or casualty figure in each set for instance. ie either shot or already on the ground. These have definite use in any wargame setup as well. Figures in melee less useful.

Strelets - I think you'll find the only reason ACW has not been so popular in this scale is that there is little to offer the wargamer. Most poses in previous sets do not contain large amounts of marching or advancing troops. I am a huge fan of ACW but most of my units in this scale are metal because the plastics are virtually non-existent. There are a lot of closet ACW fans out there or ones that do ACW in a different scale because of these issue. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how popular these new sets will be, and thank you for having the courage to do so.