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Re: Strelets will there be any War of 1812 sets

I guess the planned Nap British Infantry sets also count as War of 1812 releases! Would also like to see US Dragoons, Canadian Voltigeurs, Royal Marines in trousers and no queue and Scots in trews and forage cap (kilts and feather bonnets not being worn in North America)

Re: Strelets will there be any War of 1812 sets

wonderful news about the battle of new orleans sets,thanks strelets.
im always interested in figures that can be pushed a little into the future.i would imagine artillery sets might find a place at the alamo,if all goes right.

Re: Strelets will there be any War of 1812 sets

Now that the 'President elect' has said his mother was a royalist and a state visit to see the Queen (the commonwealth version) is already on the cards surely we should be concentrating on some 'loyalist' sets for both the AWI and the 1812 conflict.

Does this mean the tarring and feathering of us Brits will be a thing of the past?

Re: Strelets will there be any War of 1812 sets

Dear RCD,

Indeed, it's so funny to see so many public figures and officials re-booting "in flight" in front of our eyes after these elections and Brexit.
We, luckily on our part, weren't part of tarring and feathering and, foreseeing all those changes , came up with a whole series of politically correct Brits, opposing foreign invasion 950 years ago.

Best regards,


Re: Strelets will there be any War of 1812 sets

Bob Richman
U.S. Warm weather infantry and artillery for Battle of New Orleans?



While agreeing that the period should be expanded why concentrate on one battle which took place after the peace treaty was already signed? it was not even the last battle of the War of 1812 - Fort Bowyer in what became Alabama

Yes it is the bit than is remember in the USA ( but what about the invasion of Canada bit which is so often forgotten. I would rather have the American invaders and the Canadian forces French/Indian/British and Royal Marines (No officers in the HaT set which is difficult to obtain) as amphibious operation were a major component of this conflict.