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Re: m011 Russians in winter dress

Hi all

I don't just paint for myself! I used all the Russians in greatcoats I could find last year for someone who was building an 1812 army of @20,000 figures!

I'm a big fan of marching figures especially the 1812-1815 period and like the figures in winter coats as they both give the feel of campaigning troops and speeds up painting large numbers! I think that having separate marching and attacking sets is a really good idea.

my current wish list is for:

1812 -1814 Russian infantry,
1813 -1815 Prussian landwehr (think Strelets style of figures would be ideal for these!)
French dragoons in campaign dress
French Chasseurs a cheval
Prussian landwehr cavalry
Cossacks (currently convert a lot of Crimean cossacks and uhlans to use as napoleonics)
Austrians in shakos

Painting large numbers for wargaming purposes I find marching figures and less dramatic advancing cavalry poses the most useful.

I'm currently building all the armies for Leipzig at 100:1 but keep getting distracted by work!