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Re: New ACW

ACW is very popular in the USA, but in South America there were several wars at the same time or later and the uniforms are very similar. Many people who live in South America, Peru, Brazil, Chile and other nations use ACW figures to represent those armies of the 19th Century.

Getting a few extra dollars by making ACW sets in two colors is not cheating, it's giving your customers what they want and making a few dollars on the side, dollars to finance other ACW sets.

I agree with Mr. Clay that a Confederate Leaders dismounted set would be great. While there are many ACW sets, their are a confused lot of stiles, scales, sizes and colors that often don't play well together.

The US Navy sent many landing parties ashore, so like your Early WWII US Navy set a similar ACW set of sailors would be great.


Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: New ACW


- there are quite few sets on the market already, that we won't excel in terms of manufacturing excellence (Italeri's artillery, in our opinion, is one of the highlights in our hobby).
- while it may be well-known in the US, it's less so in other parts of the world.

Today most people are left with re-issues of 1980s Esci, Italeri's own range and Imex sets, these sets are old and of very varying quality and styles. Personally I think these sets are very lacking, and have since long moved to metal figures. If new plastics are released I will move back, to Strelets!

There's a huge demand for new and most of all good figures on the market, there's never been a marching set or a great-coat set, and most of all, an artillery set with an extensive gun grew. People want to complete and expand their collections, the market is ready for new ACW. I also hope for civilian sets for the period, primarily medical staff.

Re: New ACW

Dearest Strelets,

It's a rare pleasure to be privy to a companies' intimate conversations about how a new line of military miniatures is conceived and how it shall grow. Especially for one that is being represented about actual historical personalities. Another revelation especially enjoyable to hear about is how members of your Team were impacted by the memory of a moment in time, such as the Jules Verne characters, which influences their whole life. And you did such an eloquent job of acknowledging your customer's interests and passions. Reading about this is simply captivating to me!

Further, with the teaser pictures of your new Masters and the existing Commander sets, I'm already writing scripts in my mind about how my future new recruits are going to play out on my Battlefields. With such complete historical diaries and so many controversial battle strategies that we have all read about and studied, I've also got to think wargamers everywhere are eager to see how they can rewrite history. This historical event should have limitless scenarios for us to play out.

OK, let me close with a enthusiastic "Thank you for sharing", and ...

I remain faithfully yours - GC

Re: New ACW

I have been waiting years for new ACW figures for my favourite wargaming period. And I'm not American. I'm a Scot with a passionate interest in the conflict. I await your figures with renewed anticipation.