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Re: m011 Russians in winter dress

Dear Mr.Bennison,

we haven't planned re-issues of this set in the near future.
At the moment we're considering few re-issues for ACW, in parallel to the new sets for this conflict.
What did you specifically mean about marching set? Winter/summer clothes, what kind of troops? Do you have some specific project in mind? Thing is that, as you can see, we are in the process of making whole series of Napoleonic sets, and Russian army is an obvious potential candidate for it.

Best regards,


Re: m011 Russians in winter dress

If you want to go for 1805-7 style that would make a change from the 1812 style scuttle-topped Kiwer.

Austerlitz etc are vastly under-catered for in our hobby so a potential gap for you to exploit.

Marching and attack works well for me like your current Polish/British

Many thanks


Re: m011 Russians in winter dress

Who has a wargames table big enough to need 100 sets?

Re: m011 Russians in winter dress

Hi all

I don't just paint for myself! I used all the Russians in greatcoats I could find last year for someone who was building an 1812 army of @20,000 figures!

I'm a big fan of marching figures especially the 1812-1815 period and like the figures in winter coats as they both give the feel of campaigning troops and speeds up painting large numbers! I think that having separate marching and attacking sets is a really good idea.

my current wish list is for:

1812 -1814 Russian infantry,
1813 -1815 Prussian landwehr (think Strelets style of figures would be ideal for these!)
French dragoons in campaign dress
French Chasseurs a cheval
Prussian landwehr cavalry
Cossacks (currently convert a lot of Crimean cossacks and uhlans to use as napoleonics)
Austrians in shakos

Painting large numbers for wargaming purposes I find marching figures and less dramatic advancing cavalry poses the most useful.

I'm currently building all the armies for Leipzig at 100:1 but keep getting distracted by work!