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Re: Elf Warriors FINALLY?

They are actually 3 different types.
Galadhrim Warriors (elves)(Wood Elves from Lothlorien) which have the low set helmet
Rivendell Warriors (High Elves from the Last Alliance of men and elves) helmet with the crest
Numenor Warriors (Men of Gondor from the Last Alliance of men and elves) helmet with the wings

So a good number of these are men, not elves and these are all very close copies of the Games Workshop figures that these represent.

It appears that there is more than 12 poses which would be great if there was 2 boxes but looks like it may be a mixed bag in each box. Which makes it real hard to calculate how many boxes one might need to get certain unit sizes.

And since PSR don't do fantasy figures there's no reference site.

I also wish they had made figures with spears rather that the 2 handed weapon which is very awkward if you are trying to put units of figures together, considering bows and spears were the primary weapons of the elves. Even the men should be bow and spear as they formed rank similar to the elves with spear at the front and bow behind. Alas it looks like there is only one man archer pose. I'd love to get my hands on enough boxes to make the 3 different army types but I don't want to order one box here and another one there especially if the contents will be different in each box, and they appear to already be out of stock on the Miniknights/Caesar website.

I wonder whether there might be a cavalry set coming, although I'm not a fan of previous Caesar historical cavalry sets, so not hopeful they'd create good horses for an elven cavalry set.