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requests for ww1

Dear Strelets-R I'd like to see you produce Turkish and Serbian infantry for the first world war... You could enter in our plans? And the Potemkin Russian troops? many thanks for Your patience ....

Re: requests for ww1

Dear Marco,

it's interesting, that we've been thinking along the same lines about WWI opportunities. We can see the merits of both sets. Serbs would be good adversaries to Honved cavalry and Turks to Lawrence of Arabia.
We are less optimistic about Potemkin-uniformed army though, as it would require a whole new range of sets, when we are up to our brows with other projects.

Best regards,


Re: requests for ww1

Dearest Strelets,

Turkish Infantry would be a very exciting adversary for your Lawrence of Arabia Line. Your Light Tan color used in your Union of South Africa set does the best job of showing your sculpts details (I added your link below). It is a very flat color, not shiny like some of the newer Greens. When I check Google Images, there are plenty of images of Turks in Tan, as well as Green. But if you do choose Green, please use the your Crimean Russian's Green color. It is nice and flat, too, and I can see the details very clearly.

In Summary - I'd love to buy WWI Turkish Infantry in Light Tan color (my first choice), or your Crimean Russian Green (my second choice), if you make them!

Thank you for listening - GC

Re: requests for ww1

A big yes for more WW I. The suggestions made have my endorsement. Personally, I loved the cavalries and have at least 4 boxes of each.

Re: requests for ww1

Would love to see Serbian and Turkish Infantry sets and maybe a set of regular Austrian cavalry such as Hussars.
Any new WW1 sets gets my vote.

Re: requests for ww1

thank You for the answers...with friendly. Marco.

Re: requests for ww1

Serbians yes please. If cleverly done, they can double as troops for the 1912/13 Balkans Wars to Spanish Civil War troops up to WW2. With a headswap, could perhaps double as Romanians?

Austrian cavalry for 1914/15 would be interesting as well.

Ottoman troops should add to the existing ones, so maybe a new set of infantry wearing keffiyeh on their heads.

Re: requests for ww1

Great topic Marco!
I support all your requests!