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Re: In anticipation....

Dear Alan,

these sets aren't in our imminent plans, we will keep you updated.
Best regards,


Re: In anticipation.... And a Movie "MAJUBA" to keep us out of trouble until then!

Alan Buckingham
Just thinking Boer war sets, I don`t suppose there are any figures sculpted you could wet out appetites with are there Strelets ? or Foot figures Lawrence of Arabia ? or Camel mounted figures for Lawrence ?

I stand with Alan in anticipation for the unveiling of these sets - finger's crossed.

In the mean time, I just discovered this Free Movie "MAJUBA" on YouTube. Myself being a Yank, I'd never heard of it and only stumbled upon it. It has great British Scarlet Red uniforms, White Helmets with the Brass Plates, and heaps of great Battle Scenes, seemingly in the Tradition of "Zulu", although we, eh hem!, shirk at the outcome. Here is the Link to MAJUBA:

Can't wait to continue on with my Strelet's "Boer Wars" Range.

Thank you, Alan for reminding us there is much more to Military Miniaturing yet to come.

Re: In anticipation.... And a Movie "MAJUBA" to keep us out of trouble until then!

Thanks Strelets and GC, found the film myself this week on youtube by coincidence, as is often the case not ever so accurate, and the quality of the acting/script leave a lot to be desired, 1st Boer war not the more interesting 2nd, but reading about the battle years ago you discover yet another lesson in military command over confidence and subsequent incompetence.