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Re: British Infantry in Attack Masters

I am never disappointed as I will be very happy with command figures. I always consider these a bonus and not an expectation.

If there are other poses I will buy them regardless.

Thank you for your continued output.

Re: British Infantry in Attack Masters

Curse you, Strelets. I have all the British infantry I need. Now I am going to have to replace them. How very inconsiderate of you.

I do like the 12 attack poses, very much!

Re: British Infantry in Attack Masters

Well, Colin T,

we are on different sides of a barricade on this issue, aren't we ?

On a serious note, there's nothing unusual about situation you've just described - we've, during our still not very extensive lifespan, witnessed emergence of pagers, fax machines and other devices, that were completely phased out due to advances of even newer products, that substituted all previous ones within a very short period of time.

Best regards,


Re: British Infantry in Attack Masters

Tell you what - I'll buy even more if you'll think about doing a similar set for the Crimea ...

Re: British Infantry in Attack Masters

These figures I absolutely love so will have to have about ten boxes, but as a collector I do hope that the box art is better than it has been, as I enjoy the box art as much as the figures but lately I think it isn't the best, in fact its not that good at all. Please stretlets R go back to your original type of box as they were much better.
Many thanks Phil

Re: British Infantry in Attack Masters

I know in these days of internet searches and access to information it is easy to research how your soldiers should look when painted but I still like to have a handy reference available right there on the box.
So I for one like your new box art style.